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With all the hype surrounding convergence, content, mobility, and multimodality, the single most powerful application that unifies and clarifies all forms of communications is the sound of the human voice. Voice has an advantage that is practically unbeatable when compared to other forms of communication.

Crystal HDV delivers enhanced clarity over the secure network and over IP making every day conversations with your customers more life-like and vibrant. This increased clarity enables much more natural conversations. As global business and remote collaboration continue to increase, the need for clear communications has become more critical than ever. Accents and cultural differences can lead to costly misunderstandings. The clarity delivered by Crystal HDV makes remote collaboration easier, enabling geographically dispersed teams to communicate as effectively over the phone as they can in person.

Voice Quality Over IP: Unrealized Potential

Now with Crystal HDV the true potential of IP-based communications has been realized. Most competitors in the market simply deliver the same service to both consumer and enterprise customers,which is essentially a cheaper version of what is typically available. A PSTN "toll quality" call is limited by the bandwidth (300.3,300Hz) utilized in the PSTN, or worse. This label of "toll quality" should by no means be accepted as an acknowledgment of the highest quality available.

Instead, "toll quality" is simply a minimal base given the 3.3kHz bandwidth limitations built into TDM networks and is hardly reflective of the true potential of high fidelity voice communications. At Crystal HDV Communications we take advantage of technologies that  deliver voice quality that is superior by several orders of magnitude.


The expansion of global business has increased the importance of accurate voice based communication among end users. In order to grow revenue and increase profit margins, sales team members must travel abroad to look for new opportunities. As part of an effort to cut costs, businesses are outsourcing critical functions such as call centers and help desks to workers in foreign countries who are not native speakers. Of course, one of the advantages of IP-based communications is the ability to eliminate the costs associated with distance.


Customers looking to utilize communications as a competitive differentiator are looking for something beyond feature bloat and cost savings to help further extend the utility of their technology investment. With Crystal HDV they have found Next-generation communications equipment and services evolved beyond their current state and, Crystal HDV has created value for customers allowing them easier and more productive work environments. Technology that is focused upon creating value by enhancing the end-user experience in a simple and straightforward fashion will find growing usage in any market segment: especially when built around voice, the foundation of personal contact for most organizations.

No More Challenges

The conversion from a traditional business telephone system to Crystal HDV digital lines  the quality of service (QoS). Now with Crystal HDV communications,

there are no more challenges. Three key parameters are applied to ensure that user expectations of voice quality are exceeded.

  1. 1.Clarity is a measure of the quality of the voice sound to the listener. Two techniques are used to measure clarity of a voice signal after it has been

  2. transmitted from phone: perceptual speech quality measurement (PSQM) and perceptual analysis measurement system (PAMS).

  3. 2.Delay is the time it takes the voice signal to travel from the caller to the person called.

  4. 3.Echo is the sound of the speaker’s voice returning via the same phone. This is usually caused by electronic misalignment between the traditional lines and

  5. the phone lines.

Now is the Time to bring these Benefits to your Organization.

Unleash the full potential of your organization, while increasing customer satisfaction, call Crystal HDV – the True competitive advantages of Business

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