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Commercial Grade Carrier ATA’s at Affordable prices!

The Crystal Access gateways (1-16 ports) offers IP telephone users superb audio quality, rich functionalities, interoperable with leading IP-PBX and Softswitch Systems and compatibility with most VoIP service providers.

Key Features

•    Voice Codec: G.711, G.723.1, G.729A

•    Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and CNG (comfort noise generation)

•    PLC (packet loss concealment) and Dynamic Jitter Buffer L2/L3 QoS

•    T.38 FAX

•    WEB. Telnet Configuration

•    Auto Provisioning

•    PPP/PPPOE, DHCP Client/Server

•    Support Polarity Reversal

•    Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Forward, 3 Way Calling

•    Do not Disturb, Direct IP Calling, Blind Transfer, Attended Transfer

Key Features

•    Voice Codecs: G.711, G723.1, G.729 A/B , T.38 or G.711 bypass

•    Ideal IP enabler for analog phones, faxes and legacy PBX system

•    VAD (Voice Activity Detection) with CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)

•    PLC (Packet Loss Concealment), Dynamic Jitter Buffer L2/L3 QoS

•    Web/Telnet configuration, Auto Provisioning

•    PPPoE, DHCP Client/Server

•    Support polarity reversal

  1.    Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Do not Disturb

  2.    Direct IP Calling, Blind Transfer, Attended Transfer

•    G.168 Echo Cancellation

Crystal 16A - 16FXs


Crystal 8A - 8FXs


Key Advantages

•    Routing ability with “Built in” QoS

•    Commercial Carrier grade products

  1.    Complete Lock and Encrypt Admin

  2.    (guarantees product functions only on provider network)

•    Full remote provisioning with encryption

•    Outstanding voice quality

•    Highly competitive pricing

High quality, crystal clear sounding voice

  1. Compatible with all common telephone features, caller ID, call waiting, voice mail

Supports auto-provisioning with remote firmware upgrade

Password protected access and configuration

Web-based configuration through built-in web server

Supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Supports multi voice compression

Supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Crystal HDV Communications is committed to providing innovative, high quality communications services that offer enhanced functionality over traditional solutions at significantly less cost to the user. In addition to outstanding quality of service, Crystal HDV Communications places a high value on the quality and effectiveness of its customer support organization.

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