Q: What does Digital Phone mean?

A: You already use Digital Phone lines every day and may not even be aware of it. Digital basically means that the sound of a voice is digitized and the sound is clearer than that old phone on your desk.  Because it is newer technology, it is better all around for features and service. This is how we save you money, and why long distance has suddenly become a lot cheaper than it used to be. Our service is business telephone service, but it is also Digital.

Q: Why would we consider Crystal HDV Products and Services over the competition?

A: Crystal HDV brand products are state of the art and full functionality compared to the world’s best of breed at significantly lower price points. All the Crystal HDV products are self provisioning and are customizable, which means quick and easy installation in the industry, simply plug and play. Using the “Crystal Secure Network”, companies are assured of high definition voice quality, 100% redundancy, and the comfort of being on a completely secure network, unlike many Telco PBX networks.

Q: Can I keep my current phone numbers?

A: Yes, the service works with your existing business phone numbers. You do not need to purchase any extra phone numbers to activate your Crystal HDV phone system. If you require more lines, we can have them available within 24 hours, or if you require toll free numbers, no problem these are available for only $2.95 each per month.

Q: What should I do if I want to transfer my number from another phone company?

A: First, don't cancel your service! Let us take care of the transfer. That way, you will not lose your phone service for any period of time. Note, however, that phone companies require you to pay off your bill before you can transfer a number. If you want to do this, you just have to sign a release form and bring us a copy of a recent bill from them.

Q: Can I have the Crystal HDV phone system connect my other offices and/or my home office?

A: Yes – Crystal HDV can link together multiple locations and offices without any additional equipment or hassle. You will establish the connection between the phones at different sites as you go through the configuration process.  All sites will need to have high-speed Internet access up and running on the Local Area Network (LAN) for the Crystal HDV phones to plug into.

Q: Will my phone still work if my Internet connection goes down?

A: Yes, Crystal HDV Digital phone lines are  designed to be robust and survivable.  Nearly All Crystal HDV customers end up with “Triple support”, which is two more levels of assurance than they have currently.  

Q: How does Crystal HDV save my office money?

A: There are several areas where the system can save your office money:

  1. Getting started is easy, There is no big expense like PBX or server for you to buy.  Most customers get an immediate return on investment, Day One.  

  2. Crystal HDV supports the use of Digital Phone services which can provide significant monthly reductions in your long distance calling and features costs.

  3. Your Crystal HDV phone comes pre-provisioned, all you have to do is use your phones as you always do and you’ll be able to start taking advantage of  Digital Phone Lines.

  4. If you have multiple locations you will now be able to call between those locations for free.

Q: I need 25 phones – is that too big for a Crystal HDV system?

A: Not at all – Crystal HDV supports service for any size business from 3-500 employees  If you grow beyond that level we can still upgrade your Crystal HDV phones and service at a price significantly less than the competition offers to a larger platform.

Q: What do I need to have to be able to use the Crystal HDV service?

A: Just what you already have.  With one look at your current phone bill, the members of our team will guide you through the process to better service, happier customers, and more productive employees. Best of all you don’t have to deal with you current provider whose idea of customer service is making you wait on hold for 15 minutes. You just need at least one working phone line with an active number to use the Crystal HDV system. If you want to make use of the embedded VoIP service for long distance calls then you will also need a high-speed Internet service at your office. Aside from the phones themselves you do not need any new hardware or software. You will also need an Ethernet LAN connection at each location where you want to place a phone. The Crystal HDV phone does not need its own dedicated Ethernet connection because it has a switch port so that you connect the LAN to the Crystal HDV phone and then connect the phone to your computer using the Ethernet cable supplied with the phone.

Q: Does Crystal HDV provide line appearance?

A: Yes, if you have line appearance now, Digital Phone Service from Crystal HDV performs that function the same as your current lines. For customers who do not currently have it, they often get this feature for a fraction of the price of any alternative like an IP-enabled Key System – meaning you have the line appearance function and can page to one or all of the phone sets on your network.  You can define local and remote PSTN lines, VoIP services, and more to be the ‘lines’ on your Crystal HDV phone system.

Q: Can I add other phones to my Crystal HDV system?

A: Yes – you can add phones, normally more simply than you can to your current system. They are added as “local third-party extensions” and can be any SIP standard phone such as a conference phone or a simple lobby phone.  Please note however that these phones may not be able to offer the same features as your Crystal HDV phones.

Q: Will IP phones slow my computer network down?

A: No, Crystal HDV Digital Phones and Lines never slow your computer network.

Q: What kind of headsets can I use with Crystal HDV?

A: Crystal HDV works with most standard amplified wired or wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics, Sennheiser, GN Netcom, Jabra, Addcom, etc. which can be connected through the headset connector on the rear of the phone.

Q: What is the difference between extensions and lines?

A: Lines are the connections to the telephone network supplied to you by Crystal HDV. Extensions are the telephones attached to telephone lines. Typically companies have more extensions than lines because not all employees are on the phone at the same time. The Crystal HDV phone system allows two or more extensions to share one or more lines and can also allow you to share lines at different locations to reduce long distance calling costs.

Q: What happens if all the phone lines are in use?

A: As with any phone system, you can only make or receive as many simultaneous phone calls as you have Digital Phone lines. Traditionally, if all your lines are in use, incoming callers will receive a busy signal, and further extensions will not be unable to make external calls. But Crystal HDV has excellent features that alleviate this problem, ask your sales person for details.

Q: Does 911 and/or 411 work with your service?

A: Yes, they do! There is a small per-use charge associated with 411. Our 911 service is tested regularly, but keep in mind that Enhanced 911 is a little different from 'traditional' 911 services.  Please refer to either our Terms Of Service Agreement or the "911 Info" page of our site for more information on our 911 service.

Q: Will I be listed in the phone book?

A: Yes you will, unless you'd rather not be. You will also be listed, as usual, in the online 411 directories. The address associated with your name and number will be the one you have registered with us. This address is also used for 911 purposes. Note that there is a small setup fee and monthly charge if you wish to be unlisted.

Q: What is "Voice mail to email"?

A: With our voicemail-to-email feature, the Crystal HDV system catches the unanswered call and sends you an email each time someone leaves a voicemail message. This feature is optional because not all companies desire it, but, if you have any questions about it just contact customer service.

Q: Can I check my voicemail from another phone?

A: Yes, you can if your system administrator has allowed this feature. From your own phone, you can check your voicemail in an even easier manner.

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