Distributor Program

Convergent technologies are now moving into many of the technology sectors such as Mobile, Fixed telephony, Internet Service Provision and the IT Sector.

With the adoption of Fixed telephony in the convergence market, most sectors have found it difficult to take advantage of the opportunity of hardware profits due to the complexity and training required in delivering telephony hardware.  Sales of VoIP solutions are restricted due to the lack of affordable high quality connections and the management of VoIP solutions.

Crystal HDV Distributors

With Crystal HDV products, distributors can reposition their offers with “State of the Art” High Definition Voice (HDV) quality hardware at affordable price points with modern designs and comparable functionality to the world’s finest suppliers.

All of the Crystal HDV branded products are completely self provisioning allowing quick and easy installation. To get approved and started right away, please return the following (.pdf) forms via email, or Fax 1-877-587-3502.

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Simple Distribution Model

Distributors need to be perceived as market leaders ensuring they are viewed in the market as cutting edge, as well as maintaining their market share to ensure their Channel Partners do not have the opportunity to look at the comeptition. Our business model ensures this can be supported, allowing increased margin, low stock holding, and simple portfolio integration for maximum profits.

Hardware Sales Made Simple

Crystal HDV and its associated companies now offer distributors and their Channel Partners a clear opportunity to add innovative hardware solutions to fixed and mobile convergent services. Crystal HDV is best of breed solutions that enable plug and play deployment as well as reducing installation times to minutes, not days, ensuring the distribution process is delivered simply and efficiently.

Key Features of Distributor Program

•  Dedicated Account management

•  On Demand inventory

•  Optional Branding Program*  

•  Competitive pricing model

•  Strong warranty program

•  Technical Support

•  Plug and Play deployment

First Class Digital Minute Packages

•  Free Failover internet = no tech calls

•  Perfect Sound quality = no Tech calls

•  Recurring Revenue

  1. Simpler quicker install

*Branding available based on min. quantities ordered.

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