Digital-Analog Solution

• Keep existing phone equipment and pay less each month for service

• Free Features -- Caller ID, Calling Name, Calling Number, Call Forwarding etc.

• Low cost solution to enhance any key system

• Personal service for Less $$

• Quick and Easy to install

Crystal HDV Digital Analog Solution


SOHO, small business and organizations have traditionally relied on public telephone companies to provide their business communications services.  These services historically have been provided over copper lines to the business, or from 3rd party organizations (such as building owners, landlords, etc.).  The services are normally charged by the number of lines used plus individual features subscribed to by the small business customer (such as call forwarding or voice mail).  With today's wide deployment of Voice over IP (VoIP) networks and equipment, SOHO, small business and organizations can now benefit from access to features once only reserved for large corporate users.  The end result is lower business communications costs and improved cost management.

Crystal HDV Digital Solutions & Office PBX’s

VoIP is a technical standards based method of communicating voice signals over INTERNET protocol (IP) based networks.  With the current deployment of IP based data networks scaling the SOHO, small business and mid size customers by using broadband data services such as DSL & cable modem based networks, VoIP is a much lower cost alternative to traditional telephone services (especially for long distance charges).  Today's equipment offerings deliver feature rich functionality such as call forwarding, 3-way calling, transfer, voice mail and other features at the telephone base vs. the Telco switch based system level.

This means far more versatility in the type of communications services the SOHO, small business or organization can use to expand their service offerings for their customers at lower cost.  VoIP based IP PBX networks offered by Crystal HDV provide the ability to offer corporate communications services to customers such as auto-attendant interactive voice response service, remote call access for sales and technical support, telephone numbers from other cities, conferencing, responsive voice mail or voice to email/fax based services.  With Crystal HDV solutions, the features are selectable vs. the traditional fee based service and other system individual license fee offerings.  The Crystal HDV features save the business monthly recurring telephone charges.  The small business & SOHO organization can use either INTERNET Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) local and long distance carriers or traditional telephone carriers, or both, as this is easily supported on the IP PBX systems and the user is no longer obligated to use one offering from the telephone company.

A major requirement for SOHO, small business & organizations is managing growth of the telephone network to match their increasing requirements to equipment.  Crystal HDV solutions allow for affordable and scalable growth to match the business user needs as well as ensures training for staff remains current.

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